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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Post by Netherspite » Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:04 pm

We acknowledge the importance of some of these items, and most importantly we appreciate the discussions being held about them and input of the community, and we weigh up everyone's feedback and opinions on the issues.

Q. What is the leveling like?

A. You must level from 1 to 70. Note that leveling is much quicker in TBC than it is in Vanilla.

Q. What are the server's rates?

A. Leveling will be 1x. Professions, gold and loot will be blizzlike.

Q. How do I play?

A. set realmlist

Q. Where is the server hosted?

A. The server is hosted in mid Europe.

Q. Do I have to speak English?

A. An English client is mandatory and you must speak English in public chat channels. You are welcome to speak any language that you like in guild chat, party chat, and so forth.

Q. Are there raid attunements?

A. Attunements to raids are implemented and mandatory.

Q. Stance on multi-boxing

A. Multi-boxing will not be allowed on our server it would ruin several aspects of the game.

Q. Stance on model editing. (using Legion models for things to make the game look prettier)

A. We have no plans to make players apply patches to their client to connect to the realm, which is required to have something like this. We will not focus on supporting players who edit game files to display these models locally.

Q. What realm type will the server be (RPPVP, PVP, PVE)

A. The realm will follow the PvP rule-set.

Q. Where can I report bugs?

A. We have an Issue section on the forum where you can report bugs.

Q. I am having trouble connecting to the realm

You have cleared your cache
You are using an English Client
You are using a client patched to 2.4.3 (8606)

Q. Where can I download the client?

A. You can download the client from our website or by clicking this link. ... X-Alf/view

Please join Discord for more information.